Writing the Future


This one-day symposium (5/31/17) brings together authors, scholars, humanists, scientists, and industry leaders to discuss what it means to imagine the future.  What are the ethical obligations of writing about the future, either creatively or scientifically?  How might we, given the current socio-political context globally, imagine together futures that are socially equitable and environmentally sustainable?

A tentative schedule of the day’s events follows. Please be aware that this schedule is subject to change and will be updated regularly:

8.30-9.00 — Continental Breakfast

9.00-9.15 — Opening remarks by Jonathan Alexander

9.15-10.15 — Opening panel: “Why Write the Future, and How?”
Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow, Patrick Sharp, Christopher Fan, Ashley Grayson, and Bill Tomlinson
Moderated by Sherryl Vint

10.15-10.30 — Break

10.30-11.30 — Nalo Hopkinson: “Journeying to the Centre (the Center Cannot Hold)”
Introduced and moderated by Sherryl Vint

11.30-12.30 — Networking Lunch

12.30-1.30 — Tawny Schlieski: “Writing the Future through Virtual Realities”
Introduced and moderated by Karen Tanenbaum

1.30-2.30 — Steven Barnes: “Writing the Future: One Breath at a Time”
Introduced and moderated by Greg Benford

2.30-3.30 — Afternoon panel: “Designing Futurity”
Aaron Trammel, Antoinette LaFarge, Josh Tanenbaum, Karen Tanenbaum
Moderated by Jonathan Alexander

3.30-4.30 — Charles Yu: “Interior Golden Palace”
Introduced and moderated by Christopher Fan

4.30-6.00 — Closing remarks by Sherryl Vint, Recognition of Contest Winners, and Reception

This event is co-sponsored by the UCI CWC, Illuminations, and Humanities Commons.

For more information, contact Professor Jonathan Alexander at jfalexan@uci.edu.

RSVP by Friday, May 26, 2017 here.