Student Resources

Lower-Division Writing Courses

Students can fulfill the lower-division writing requirement in a number of ways: by transferring in credit from another four-year institution or community college or by successfully completing the Composition sequence or the Humanities Core Course.

More information about these courses can be found here.

Upper-Division Writing Courses

All students at UCI must complete the lower-division writing requirement and take an upper-division writing course, usually in their major course of study. For information about the “W” course in your discipline, contact your school advisor.

Writing Support for Undergraduate Students

The Center for Excellence in Writing and Communication (CEWC), also known as the writing center, offers free tutoring in writing and research skills development for all undergraduate students. You can also look at the writing resources on the CEWC website.

Graduate Students

Visit the Graduate Resource Center for resources, including writing support services.

Transfer Students

Visit the Transfer Student Center for resources.


Scholars, public intellectuals, and community leaders alike are deeply invested in generating and distributing knowledge. They talk to one another about ideas and ways of thinking, and they recognize that building knowledge is a collaborative endeavor–one to which many people devote their time, effort, thought, and skills. Thus, giving proper credit is very important. After all, plenty of what we know and write about comes from other thinkers! Failing to give such credit–that is, failing to acknowledge that learning and the creation of knowledge are collaborative events–is intellectual theft. Giving credit shows your reader that you are participating in building knowledge.

Check out these resources to learn about and understand how to avoid plagiarism:

UCI Academic Honesty Tutorial

UCI Libraries Plagiarism Guide

UCI Academic Senate Policy On Academic Integrity