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The position of UCI Campus Writing Coordinator was established in 2001 to support undergraduate writing across the campus. We focus on communication (writing and speaking) beyond the first year, offering consultations, workshops, and resources to faculty, lecturers, and TAs in every discipline. Our goal is to forge connections between first-year composition and upper-division writing courses, between teachers and students as they work with writing in disciplinary contexts, and among faculty across the campus interested in improving student writing. We conduct periodic assessments of both lower- and upper-division writing courses and programs. We also work with departments and schools to develop coordinated writing plans.

Our over-arching mission is to foster a robust and inherently multidisciplinary culture of writing at UCI, and to that end we sponsor a variety of activities, such as events and guest speakers. You can check out our calendar for complete information about CWC programming.

We invite your participation in supporting our ongoing efforts. Please contact us to request a consultation or to respond to anything on this site.