The position of Campus Writing & Communication Coordinator (CWCC) was created in 2001 on the heels of extensive reviews of lower- and upper-division writing. UCI has long had strong writing requirements for first year students, including a range of composition courses, a 3-quarter interdisciplinary option (Humanities Core Course), and extensive support for students learning Academic English and ESL. Undergraduates are also required to take an upper-division writing course in a discipline (W courses).

Honoring the decentralized nature of disciplinary instruction at UCI, the CWCC was conceived of as a way to support and link writing efforts across the campus. The office, run by the coordinator and supported by a graduate student researcher and an administrative assistant, serves faculty who teach W courses, helping them to improve instruction, and offers consultation to faculty, instructors, and TAs who are working on writing curricula or pedagogy in any capacity. The CWCC conducts workshops, invites speakers, collects and distributes resources on writing in the disciplines and writing courses at UCI, and conducts writing program assessment and research.

Our goals are to

We invite inquiries on any of these topics, and we look forward to contributing to the multi-disciplinary culture of writing at UCI.

The current coordinator is Daniel M. Gross. For more information about the CWCC and its staff, please see People.