Writing Pedagogy Certificate Program

The Writing Pedagogy Certificate Program will open on January 22, 2024.

Beginning in Winter Term 2024, the CWCC will offer a Writing Pedagogy Certificate available for all campus instructors and graduate teaching assistants who would like to (1) learn more about teaching with writing, (2) develop teaching materials for specific courses in their discipline and department, and (3) participate in a cross-curricular learning community. Collaboratively developed by colleagues in the WAC+WID Program, the DTEI, and the CEWC, the Writing Pedagogy Certificate will allow participants multiple ways to complete a 5-module sequence that includes sections on developing and aligning learning outcomes with writing assessments; developing and scaffolding signature writing assignments; developing peer response protocols and feedback strategies; outlining a course schedule; and crafting a syllabus that centers the student writer. 

As they work their way through the certificate program, participants will receive feedback on artifacts submitted through an e-portfolio. Participants will also have opportunities to use in-person and zoom-based workshops in the WAC+WID Program to develop materials for their certificate.

Register now for the Writing Pedagogy Certificate Program. The program will open on Monday, January 22nd.