Communication Course Designation 

The office of the Campus Writing and Communication Coordinator maintains the Communication Course Designation, also known as the “C Designation,” to encourage communication practices and pedagogies across the disciplines. The C Designation was approved by the Academic Senate in 2022 and helps support multimodal communication instruction across campus. To receive a C Designation, courses must (1) teach and assess communication throughout the course, (2) incorporate at least 2 of 5 modalities: spoken/aural, visual, kinetic, and/or technological, (3) Focus on genres and audiences appropriate to the discipline, profession, or public, (4) incorporate a feedback loop on communication assignments, (5) have at least %25 of overall assessment on communication assignments, and (6) explicitly list “communication” as a learning objective. 

Designation Approval Process

A Communication course designation goes through the normal Senate approval process just like a GE 1b course designation (informally known as “W” writing-course designation), including approval from the Writing and Commmunication Advisory Group, which makes a recommendation to SCOC. A Communication course can be lower division.

Instructors can submit their syllabi to the CWCC to receive feedback and approval for the C Designation. If you are an instructor and are looking for resources for your course, please click here.

Specialization or Emphasis

Communication-designated courses can be used as building blocks for more developed educational experiences. Those more developed experiences can take the form of a specialization or emphasis within or across units. A Communication Specialization or Emphasis should require at least 3 Communication courses beyond anything double counted.