In addition to group workshops, we would be happy to meet with individual faculty members, administrators, TAs or students in one-on-one or small group consultations. The Campus Writing & Communication Coordinator offers consultation in the following areas:

  • Working with departments (or other units) to develop coordinated writing plans for undergraduate majors.
  • Assisting individual faculty in the disciplines with writing instruction in any upper-division course (both “W” courses and others), including help designing assignments, sequencing long writing assignments, responding to student writing, coordinating TA support, and organizing in-class writing activities (such as peer review).
  • Assessing upper-division writing.

In a long-term consultation, the CWCC or Campus Writing & Communication Fellow may attend class sessions (at the instructor’s request) in order to

  • make suggestions about ways to incorporate writing into the syllabus (from small write-to-learn assignments to more substantial projects),
  • provide feedback on the design of existing writing assignments,
  • work with students (one or one, in small groups, or the whole class) on drafts, peer review, writing techniques, and grammar and mechanics.

Our staff is happy to carry out research tasks related to writing instruction, seeking out resources on writing in a particular discipline at the instructor’s request (pedagogical articles, textbooks, exercises, etc.) and reviewing or annotating them, suggesting which ones might be most useful for the particular context of that discipline.