To help faculty and instructors in addressing questions about the teaching of writing, we would be happy to schedule a workshop on any of these topics:

Reflecting on writing goals and designing assignments to meet them: Assists faculty in making explicit their own goals and standards for student writing. Explores the potential uses of writing to achieve learning goals. Helps in the design of assignment prompts and rubrics directly linked with learning goals and feasible in terms of time to assign and evaluate.

Responding to student writing: Brings faculty together to read and discuss sample student writing, and to share opinions about criteria for excellence in discipline-specific genres. Introduces faculty to various kinds of response, including strategies for time-efficient evaluation and grading.

Writing assignments for high-enrollment classes: Introduces a range of short writing assignments designed for large lecture sections. Emphasizes uses of writing for communication between students and teacher and for student reflection on course material.

Process writing and peer editing: Introduces process-writing practices, including sequencing short writing assignments and breaking longer projects into small parts. Also presents ways to use collaborative peer groups to manage process writing effectively.

Collecting print and electronic resources for researching and writing in specific fields: Enables faculty to share and discover new sources geared toward the teaching of writing in specific disciplines and others created especially for students.

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